Our History

Founded in 2015, Black Dog Rescue is made up of three Directors and a dedicated group of volunteers who run the rescue during our spare time.

Many of our dogs come from remote communities in Northern Quebec who are unable to control their dog population. Many dogs are left to fend for themselves against harsh weather, lack of food and shelter; attacks from wild animals are also a constant threat for these dogs.

Kathy and Stephanie, two of the BDR directors, were asked to assist a rescue mission last year. They drove 17 hours straight north to a sub-arctic Cree community on the shores of James Bay. 21 lives were saved that weekend, including BDR alumni Mama Maggie and her 9 puppies! Maggie had dug herself a den deep in the forest to protect her pups from predators. Maggie led Stephanie to her den and carefully watched as we extracted her 3-4 week old puppies. Once the puppies were weaned and ready for adoption, Mama Maggie and her only male puppy Meeko made their way to Toronto to enter BDR’s foster program!

Upon arrival to foster care, 9 week old Meeko was diagnosed with Parvo, a deadly virus which attacks puppies and unvaccinated dogs with weak immune systems. Meeko fought for his life for 14 long days. The BDR community came together to raise funds and offered him the best vet care possible. We are proud to say that Meeko will be celebrating his first birthday next month, and he has grown to be a healthy and loving dog.

To date, BDR has been able to save 55+ dogs from certain death. We are 100% foster based and volunteer run. We rely on donations and fundraisers to pay our vet bills and ensure our dogs get the best care possible. We have a very thorough adoption process to ensure we find the best family for our dogs. We are a small group of dedicated animal lovers who thrive to make a difference in the world, one dog at a time.