Kathy - Founder/Director

Kathy is one of the original founders of BDR and excels in the art of Origami! Kathy also handles all medical related issues for BDR dogs and is working towards creating new partnerships with local shelters. Kathy is doggy-mom to Helo and BDR alumnae Stella and Nico. 

Stephanie- Director

Stephanie started as a foster in 2014 and participated in the infamous "Northern Rescue Mission". When she isn't doing dog-related stuff, you can find her searching for the world's hottest wings (a life-long goal!) Stephanie also has two dogs of her own: Dakota and Ringo who help assess incoming dogs. 


Ni joined BDR back in 2016 as a foster parent. She was inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon and decided to train some foster dogs! She is holding out for her very own Toothless! Ni has also been passionate about dog rescue, and somehow along the way found out the plight of the black dog syndrome, so much so that our last two rescue dogs were black (on purpose!)

Laura- Adoption Coordinator

Laura has been a longtime supporter of BDR. She is mom to Loulou, a BDR alumni, and decided to take on a bigger role within the rescue. She insists on wearing her socks inside out everyday and is a master kite flyer. "Life is too short to match your socks!"  - Laura

Stephanie - Adoption Coordinator

Stephanie brings years of experience to the team; she is an expert in bully breeds (mom to two boxers: Lola and Ceelo ). In her spare time, Stephanie likes to practice her unicycle skills and hopes to someday join the circus. Until that day comes, she is helping dogs find their Fur-ever homes!

Diana - Adoption Coordinator

Diana has been involved in BDR for many years as an adoption coordinator and helped adopt many many dogs, a true asset to the team. In her spare time, Diana is a master magician. Her skills include turning dogs into cats and seeing in the dark! 

Kat - Social Media Manager

Kat handles all social media aspects of BDR ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). She is a force to be reckoned with. When she isn't researching hashtags and pictures of unicorns, she likes to collect Gremlins and feeds them AFTER midnight. Such a rebel!